How a Southern Chinese TV Network is Using Anime Background Music, Excessively and Rapidly

Originally Written in Chinese by me at March 2013, updated at 10 December 2022

The Guangzhou Broadcasting Network is getting nerdier. Or is it? But if it is, they won't admit it. As about 2008, when the Vocaloid hit Ievan Polkka started to being heard nationally through radio and TV, and eventually played in halftime period during the 2010 Asian Games, the network's prime time newscast has been added two sketches-based segments, one satires social issues, one teaching Cantonese culture. And both segments are filled with background music and chatter - some of these music is from an anime. After I watch these segments and the animes which the segments' music used from, I decided to tell the people about it. Since these segments got cancelled, these soundtracks can be heard on both regular and showbiz news, even the "on the road" segments where reporters discover traditional culture, community events and leisure spots across Guangzhou and beyond. Sounds like a soft news magazine. But not just these: an instrumental version of the Vocaloid hit "Senbon Sakura" was played during a holiday recommendations report; the theme of Attack on Titan is played in background on another news bulletin of the network, when the series is still airing in Japan.

Back to '08, there's also discussions about this issue on the web (Chinese link), and still continuing through social media ever since. But no one at the network is have their words say. Until 2013.

A reporter of the network told me that playing background music in a news item may implies opinions. And its prime time news host, Kelvin Wong Ka-yan (he covers St Seiya's theme when the news team is promoting at a theme park after he replied me), says "It's OK to put any music into news as an 'enhancing tool' to express feelings of the editor". Agree him? Not me, because he's not just defending its news editors itself, but other networks which also used anime music as they played in background.

These anime soundtracks are used by the network's local news bulletins in various times, heard by me, which can be found at YouTube, SoundCloud, or other sites with a help from search engine.

Lucky Star:
Skip Skip dayo: used once for pre-lunar new year segment.
Bubbu Bubbu Budane: used frequently on a satire sketch segment, occasionally played with other ACG-related music, like"Bad Apple".

The K-ON Franchise:
Have Some Tea: used once for traffic related news.
Morning Dew: used once for pre-lunar new year segment.
軽い冗談 (Karui Joudan): used excessively on showbiz related news.
ふわふわ時間 (Fuwa Fuwa Time): used once on "High School Roadshow 2017" segment.

Hayate the Combat Butler:
暢気 (Nonki): used rapidly on a satire sketch segment. After the segment got cancelled, the track can be heard on some stories.
浪花 (Naniwa): used several times at "On the Road" segment.
悠々 (Yuuyuu): used once for parks management related news.
温柔 (Onjuu): used once on the "celebrity face swap" story.

The Bunny Drop:
訪れた変化 (Otozureta Henka): used once on a special report.
大吉とりん (Daikichi to Rin): used once on a special report.
別れ (Wakare): used once for cemetery related news.
別れ2 (Wakare 2): used several times on different news items.
朝ご飯 (Asa Gohan): used several times on different news items. The Chinese version of Bet on Your Baby by CCTV has used this track as well.
コウキのテーマ ("Kouki's Theme"): used once on foodie's attractions. A talk show hosted by a transgender celeb on Shanghai's Dragon TV has used this track as well.
お出掛け (Odekake): used several times on "On the Road" segment.
触れ合い (Fureai): used once on a special report.

Maid Sama:
美咲順調マーチ (Misaki Junchou March): used on a report about health issues. A Public Service Announcement produced by the Guangzhou Metro Service (PS - no English subs, but it's centred on safety issues) and a magazine programme of the same network used the track as well.

Your Lie in April:
四月は君の嘘 ~Piano Solo ("Your Lie in April [Piano Solo]"): used on a part of clip series showcasing suburban neighbourhoods.
友人A君を私の伴奏者に任命します ("I Hereby Appoint Friend A as My Accompanist"): used on another part of clip series showcasing suburban neighbourhoods.

In Conclusion

Although the network's case is just a tip of an iceberg, meaning more networks is joining the line-up of using anime and game soundtracks from background, until those from network does not know the origin of the soundtrack, their thoughts and their standards, the nerds will not stop talking about it - and this will be going on forever.