Southern China's TV Channel is Copying Old Design of Australian ABC News

(This post is originally written in Chinese by me, but I wanna show this to Australian readers and people around the world.)

It all start in 1988, the born of the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, which the name is still "Guangzhou TV" at that time. They start their broadcast with local news, local-produced dramas, and of course, beauty pageant that totally rip-off from Miss Hong Kong. Then in a few years at 1993, Guangzhou Cable TV launched with more programming like sport. Then in 2001, Guangzhou Cable TV and Guangzhou TV merge into Guangzhou Television, and became the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network as we know today on 2010.

But the following words will may found shock on the readers, as its first logo is a rip-off from NBC, its second logo looks like blending AT&T and Red Dot Awards into one! And to its third logo - I don't know what to say after it looks like... Miro!

In June 2012, the workers at the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network told me this (originally in Chinese):

"We always copying each other, but most importantly we're glad to having a different content."

Wait a minute... are they meaning they know they are copying the Australians, but they won't change it? Have some creative mind, mate!

Here are some pictures comparing with original ones and rip-off ones: (snapshot of GZTV News are snapped at October 2009, where the rip-off begins)

And finally for something completely different:

Plus - a current affairs programme on Phoenix TV (was owned by Fox but not now) ripped it too... from Guangzhou.

Australian Network Alternatives
The Chinese Rip-off
Rip-off of the Chinese Rip-off from Phoenix TV

Thanks to John Beohm for supporting the post.

Next time I'll show you some Chinese rip-offs of the Australian ABC News design that lanuched on July 2010!