The Landlord

Just my 2 cents here.

My male landlord may occasionaly reply me in Mandarin, even if I speak Cantonese. Thus I have to reply in King's Diddily - English language that is, to decrease the use of Mandarin language in Canton (the Chinese city, not American).

But here's the catch: my male landlord could not understand English at all. I can use Cantonese too, but I want to push the Anglisation in the country to let Beijing knows they should not go with this "Mandarin Domination" thing anymore.

Sometimes I just can't stand my male landlord over his use of Mandarin. At one time I gave him the finger and using the F word, and he still didn't understand why I did that to him. My parents don't want me go further, but I have no choice but to retaliate. At one time I prevent him leaving for a few minutes, just to make sure he never did it again. And he did until recently.

But sadly my landlord is also a racist. During two separate conversations between me and Mr & Mrs Landlord, they are explicitly forbid people of African desent to become their tennants, while using the N-word to descibe them.
There's a lot of people like him now, ignoring the fact that you can still use Cantonese instead of Mandarin when they both good at Cantonese, or going to "the next level" - full Mandarinisation, like this guy:

We have to stop the Mandarinisation trend in Cantonese-speaking communities, once and for all!

Save and preserve the language - before it's too late!

Updated on 10 Dec 2020