Another Chinese Network Copying BBC News Countdown, This Time A Local Station Did It

Updated at 9 January 2017

Starting 2009 as my first post tells the story of a Chinese local TV network copying design of Austalian ABC News, with a unrepentant and shameless reply, a couple of articles related to the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network appeared on my blog in the past two years. This time, as same as 2012 (the 2013 article is about using anime music on news clips for several years), the Beeb - is the rip-off's origin.

Find the difference between the Beeb (above) and Local News (below)!

Titles and "countdowns" (actually promos) of the Guangzhou broadcaster's local news bulletin had been copied from the current BBC News countdown, sharing similarities with design, scenes and music, which the original version is composed by David Lowe, whom also composed for the CCTV, which the China's state broadcaster used to copied the BBC countdown in 2009. Once I search the web for the producer of this promo: a Beijing-based company call Bluesea, and find some of their works - including this promo and an unaired version (link in Chinese).

As the first article I mentioned above, its Chinese version quoted as "The plagiarism of the Guangzhou broadcaster has been started from debut launch", meaning the network rarely having self-creation into its design, without any complaints about plagiarism of any type from viewers. As the promo replaced by a serie of reporter's experience on early 2015, clips of the promo had been re-edited for opening titles during 2014.

When the Chinese TV networks will self-creating or let individual designers to create, and stop plagiarism? Only time will know.

Comparison videos can show the rip-off version is not just ripped one scene shown in fig 1:
The Original
The Rip-off 1
The Rip-off 2